Friday, September 23, 2005

Myth: It was the Serbs that ordered the JNA to move against Slovenia.

FACT: The decision to resume control over the border postings that Slovenia had illegally taken control of was taken and implemented by people of all the different Yugoslav nations, not the Serbs, and the most important figures involved were, in fact, Croat and Slovene. The border postings issue was discussed in the Federal Presidency in June 1991, but the so-called “Serb bloc” (the representatives of Serbia, Montenegro, Vojvodina and Kosovo) - amongst others - did not favour resuming control over the border through use of the police or army. The representative of Serbia, Borislav Jovic, was somewhat resigned to the inevitability of Slovene secession, given its near unanimous support in that republic, and, though condemning their unilateral separatist acts, did not back the idea of re-taking control over the border. But his views were ignored, and when the Presidency was out of session the Federal Prime Minister, Ante Markovic (a Croat), signed an order empowering the Defence Minister (Kadijevic, a Yugoslav) and the Interior Minister (Petar Gracanin, a Serb) to “deploy the frontier units of the JNA with the aim of safeguarding the state frontiers at the border-crossings” (Destruction, p.154-5) in a joint action with the Federal Police. Gracanin then told the commander of the Fifth Military District (which covered Slovenia, most of Croatia, and part of Bosnia) to provide troops and transport to accompany federal police units, first to barracks in Slovenia, and then to the border posts to which they assigned. (Destruction, p.35) That commander was Konrad Kolsek, a Slovene, who then spent the night with his Deputy, General Andrija Raseta (a Serb), planning the details of the operation (the Chief of Staff of the Fifth Military District, meanwhile, was a Macedonian). The commander of the 13th (Riejaka) Crops of the JNA, which Slovene Defence Minister Janez Jansa warned the Slovene leadership when the operation began “was on its way”, was headed by another Slovene, Marijan Cad.

The Serbs therefore had nothing to do with the ‘war’ in Slovenia - the order to take over the border crossings was issued by a Croat without the agreement or even knowledge of Milosevic or the so-called “Serb bloc”, and was implemented by a Slovene JNA Commander. In fact, at the time the Slovenes did not even claim that it was the Serbs that had attacked them - Slovene President MIlan Kucan accused Markovic to his face of having attacked Slovenia, while Milosevic, far from creating this ‘war’ in Slovenia, told Markovic that he had needlessly started a war over customs revenues. Markovic tried to explicate himself from this mess by claiming that the JNA had acted autonomously and not under his instructions, but the record, including the order with his signature published in the Federal Gazette, speaks for itself.


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Blogger Slovenska resnica- Slovenian truth said...

This is all wery big bullshit. Stop talking crap. And stop using quotes in the word war. It was war, although short lasting, but it was! I was here that 10 days, which you obviously havent, so i know what we were going through. So, again, stop talking if you don't have a single clue. Someone could just believe your stupidity!

8:29 PM, October 29, 2009  
Blogger Slovenska resnica- Slovenian truth said...

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