Friday, September 23, 2005

Myth: The 1989 amendments to Serbia’s constitution were not approved by the necessary two-thirds majority in Kosovo’s Assembly.

FACT: On March 23rd 1989 the Assembly of Kosovo met to discuss the proposed amendments to Serbia’s constitution. After a long debate, in which dozens of delegates took the floor to express their misgivings, or, more often, their support, the matter was put to the vote, and out of 187 delegates present (3 were absent), 175 voted in favour, 2 abstained, and just 10 voted against. The Assembly of Kosovo represented the ethnic make up of the population, so over 70% of its delegates were ethnic Albanians, and it overwhelmingly approved the amendments to Serbia’s constitution.

During the testimony of Vukasin Jokanovic, the Kosovo Assembly’s then President, on Wednesday 1st December 2004 at the Hague Tribunal, video clips and photos of the March 23rd Assembly session were shown, proving that this amount voted in favour. (


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