Thursday, March 24, 2005

Welcome - article shortly to come

I've just set up this blog, the aim of which is to tell the truth about how Yugoslavia broke up, and the wars that followed. In the West Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic, and the Serbs in general, are blamed for Yugoslavia's break-up, which was allegedly caused by their desire for a 'Greater Serbia'. I hope to show the falsehood of this, and explain what really happened.

I also hope to show the contradictions in this official Western narrative. I will give one glaring example that stands out. The 1988 'Yoghurt Revolution' in Vojvodina, then an autonomous province of Serbia, was, according to the Western narrative, organised by Milosevic and his minions and nationalist in nature - but Mihalj Kertes, the trade union leader that sparked the revolution, was an ethnic Hungarian! Kertes even used to point this fact out when arguing that nobody had any reason to fear Milosevic. He subsequently became a leader of Vojvodina, and then the Interior Minister of the Republic of Serbia. And, as Serbia's Interior Minister, Kertes - a Hungarian - has been fingered out and accused of organising ethnic cleansing to create an ethnically pure Serbian state in Croatia and even Vojvodina!

Now is it just me, or is this clearly a load of contradictory nonsense? Why on earth would a Hungarian want to create an ethnically pure Greater Serbia? Using Western sources, I hope to point out cases like that where the official narrative clearly makes no sense.

In my experience there are not many sites on the internet that are really attempting to point out the flaws, contradictions and lies in the official Western narrative. Those that are seem to me to be extremely ideological in nature - for example, Serbian nationalist, or far left or hard right - and hence not entirely unbiased.

My postings here will hopefully be as unbiased and neutral as possible - I aim to get to the truth, not spread propaganda or nationalist pseudo-history. To emphasise this point, I would like to point out that the sources I will be using most will be reliable Western history and current affairs books, which often let slip significant facts.

My first proper post will be on the secession of Bosnia from Yugoslavia, and I intend to post it shortly. It will show, amongst other things, that:

1) Bosnia's secession was completely illegal, and violated the national rights of the Bosnian Serbs

2) The Bosnian Serbs' responses were justified and understandable

3) The Bosnian civil war could have been avoided, and very nearly was on a number of occassions, but Bosnian Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic torpedoed these attempts to resolve the crisis peacefully

4) The Bosnian Muslims and Croats were voting 'yes' to completely different concepts in the referendum on independence, so it was not even a case of the majority being in favour of one thing and the minority (the Serbs) being in favour of something else - all three nations held different and contrary views

I will hopefully finish it either today or tommorrow.


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